Danny Mehra private collection of antique oriental rugs

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Examples from the Danny Mehra collection of Antique rugs

Lenkoran prayer 2.half.19ct. ©Danny Mehra
Kurdish Quchan 2.h19ct. ©Danny Mehra
Kurdish Deraguez 4q.19ct.©Danny Mehra
Khamseh ca. 1850 ©Danny Mehra
Julkhyr 1q.20ct. ©Danny Mehra
Gabbeh Qashqai 1q.20ct
Gabbeh Luri Lozenges ca.1900 ©Danny Mehra
Gabbeh ca.1940 ©Danny Mehra
Gabbeh ca.1900 ©Danny Mehra
Gabbeh ca. 1900 ©Danny Mehra
Caucasian Zakatala ca. 1890 ©Danny Mehra
Caucasian Tschelaberd ca.1870 ©Danny Mehra
Caucasian Genje 4q.19ct. ©Danny Mehra
Luri Bakhtiari 4q.19ct. ©Danny Mehra

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