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R. John HoweJozan Magazine has the satisfaction to announce a cooperation with R. John Howe, Textiles and Text, and Charles Recknagel, Tea and Carpets.

R. John Howe’s blog and website Textiles and Text, with virtual versions of the Textile Museum’s “Rug & Textile Appreciation Morning Programs”, has gained a lot of interest from rug collectors on the internet. John launched his site in December 2007 and has published close to 25 virtual presentations of lectures held at the Textile Museum. John has also launched a website Excentric Wefts devoted to posts and thoughts about rugs and textiles.

“These regular morning sessions have been a continuing source of information and appreciation that needs to be retained and revitalized…R. John Howe’s blog is an excellent tool to broadcast these happenings to a larger audience.”, says Dennis Dodds, ICOC Secretary-General.

Charles RecknagelAnother rug blog and website Tea and Carpets has also gained an increasing interest from ruggies recent years. Tea and Carpets was launched in February 2008 by Charles Recknagel, a journalist with oriental rugs as his hobby. Tea and Carpets includes articles on oriental rugs and the story behind.

Both John and Charles has agreed to publish some of their interesting articles in Jozan Magazine and we are looking forward to this cooperation.

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