Christie’s, Oriental Rugs and Carpets, London, 29 April 2004

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Christie’s specialist rug and carpet sale 29 April in London, King Street includes 268 Oriental rugs, carpets and textiles.
Selection from the preview.
All images ©Christie’s

1033 - Christie's, Oriental Rugs and Carpets, London, 29 April 2004
LOT: 134
RUG NAME: Anatolian probably Karapinar
AGE: 17th century
ESTIMATE: 18.000 – 25.000 GBP
SOLD: 19.120 GBP
DESCRIPTION: Anatolian probably Karapinar 17th century. Size 208 x 137 cm. Estimate 18.000 – 25.000 GBP
Extract from Christie’s lot notes on lot 134: This most unusual rug shows great skill on the part of the weaver. The wool is tightly packed and of a good lustrous quality. The weaver, using the same technique for both, has managed to convey very angular forms such as the motifs in the upper and lower pendant lozenge medallions, yet also produce as delicately curved a line as can be found in Turkish weaving in the flaming panels coming in from each side. This gives the rug a remarkable counterpoint in the drawing, of a type which one rarely encounters. It is an extremely subtle rug which also defies easy categorisation.
In the comment on this rug after its appearance in the New York sale( Sotheby’s 12 December 1997), it was aptly suggested, in agreement with the original cataloguer, that the rug was very probably made by a Turkman weaver (Hali, 97, March 1998, p.133). Some of the small motifs are well within the Turkman repertoire. It certainly appears to be a rug which pulls together influences from various sources (the flame panels at the sides could well derive from Chinese textiles). These various elements have been combined in a very confident way, working harmoniously together. The technical virtuosity of the weave employed to create this rug is exceptional for an Anatolian village rug.

1036 - Christie's, Oriental Rugs and Carpets, London, 29 April 2004
LOT: 251
RUG NAME: Silk carpet Yarkand
AGE: First half 19th century
ESTIMATE: 10.000 – 15.000 GBP
SOLD: 31.070
DESCRIPTION: Lot 251 Silk carpet Yarkand First half 19th Century Size 376 x 193 cm. Estimate 10.000 – 15.000 GBP

1035 - Christie's, Oriental Rugs and Carpets, London, 29 April 2004
LOT: 38
RUG NAME: Sewan Kazak
AGE: 1850
ESTIMATE: 5.000 – 7.000 GBP
SOLD: 5.377 GBP
DESCRIPTION: Lot 38 Sewan Kazak 1850 Size 213 x 183 cm. Estimate 5.000 -7.000 GBP ©Christie’s

1034 - Christie's, Oriental Rugs and Carpets, London, 29 April 2004
LOT: 76
RUG NAME: Koum Kapi Silk rug
AGE: 1910
ESTIMATE: 18.000 – 24.000 GBP
SOLD: 41.825 GBP
DESCRIPTION: Lot 76 Koum Kapi Silk rug 1910 Size 191 x 127 cm. Estimate 18.000 – 24.000 GBP

1037 - Christie's, Oriental Rugs and Carpets, London, 29 April 2004
LOT: 96
RUG NAME: Melas Prayer rug
AGE: 1860
ESTIMATE: 1.800 – 2.500 GBP
SOLD: 5.019 GBP
DESCRIPTION: Lot 96 Melas Prayer rug 1860 Size 178 x 124 cm. Estimate 1.800 – 2.500 GBP


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