Central Asian Ikats at The Textile Museum

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Colors of the Oasis: Central Asian Ikats, on view at The Textile Museum October 16, 2010 through March 13, 2011, will explore the artistry of ikat in Central Asia with a focus on the textile’s historic production, aesthetic principles and socio-cultural significance in the region.

Robe Central Asia, Uzbekistan, Fergana valley. Third quarter 19th century. The Textile Museum 2005.36.100. The Megalli Collection

The exhibition will also highlight the recent revival of this complex art form in Uzbekistan after near extinction during the Soviet era, as well as its increasing popularity for use in global fashion and home décor. The luscious colors and bold patterns of ikat, a textile woven from pre-dyed thread, are instantly recognizable.

Panel Central Asia, Uzbekistan, Bukhara. Mid 19th century. The Textile Museum 2005.36.131. The Megalli Collection

Colors of the Oasis features more than 60 selections from the Museum’s never-before-exhibited Megalli collection, comprised of 19th-century ikat garments, cradle covers, wrapping cloths, hangings and fragments.

Location and more information: The Textile Museum, Washington DC

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