Uyghur carpet dealer and tour guide

For a couple of years ago Jozan Magazine interviewed Elvis Ablimit Ghopor, a local Uyghur carpet dealer, about carpet trade in Kashgar, Xinjiang. As a jack-of-all-trades Elvis also helps organizing trips and tours in and around Kashgar… read more

Carpet study tour to Azerbaijan instead of Baku congress

The planned International Congress on Azerbaijani Carpets in June 2013 in Baku was cancelled two weeks ago by the Minister of Culture. By a very prompt initiative by Alberto Boralevi and Stefano Ionescu an alternative has now been arranged in form of a carpet study tour… read more

Silks, velvets, carpets and kilims – study tour to Italy

Stefano Ionescu is organizer of an interesting study tour to Italy 15-29 September 2013. This two weeks tour will take the participants to Como, Milan, Turin, Sartirana, Pavia, Palermo, Monreale, Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi, Capri and Rome. The focus for this tour will be on textiles and mosaics… read more