Carpet Study Tour to Transylvania and Bukovina

Stefano Ionescu will organize a Carpet Study Tour to Transylvania and Bukovina from 6-17 June 2019. ‘ During the tour we will visit Lutheran Churches displaying rugs, Orthodox monasteries, Royal castles, museums and medieval towns’ says Stefano Ionescu to Jozan Magazine. .. read more

ICOC Tour ‘Carpets and Collections of the Alpine Area’ in September 2019

The Austrian Society for Textile Art Research has just announced an ICOC Tour “Carpets and Collections of the Alpine Area” from 8 September through 14 September 2019. ‘The participants will visit museums and private collections in the Alpine areas of Bavaria, Austria, and Northern Italy. Not only will there be a … read more

A Trip to Italy and Sartirana Textile Show 2015

Archive photo. Alberto Boralevi and Stefano Ionescu's travel group at Sartirana Textile Show 2014.

Stefano Ionescu has decided to launch a new edition of Trip to Italy 2015 from 13-26 September, focused on carpets, textiles and mosaics. The first leg will include Como, Turin, Milan and the annual Sartirana Textile Show… read more

Rug study tour to Transylvania and Bukovina 5-14 June 2015

‘I am glad to inform you about the new edition of the Study Tour to Transylvania & Bukovina 5-14 June 2015, organised in cooperation with Carpet Collector magazine. This is a very special moment for the country since Klaus Johannis, the former major of Sibiu, has been elected President of … read more