Hagop Manoyan

Hagop Manoyan, an active and respected antique rug dealer from Manhattan, has just launched a monthly newsletter. “My letter will deal primarily with the ins-and-outs of the antique rug market. But I may also share with you stories from my travels, new rugs added to our collection, and information about upcoming … read more

Owen Parry

Owen Parry will participate in Karma 4-7 June 2010 and this will be Owen’s first exhibition since ARTS San Francisco last year. Owen will also be exhibitor at Sartirana Textile Show in September and at the next ARTS Capri show in October. “I have worked in the wonderful world of antique rugs and textiles most of … read more

Karma exhibitor Hans Homm

Hans Homm, antique rug dealer since 1995 and specialist for Nagel Actions will exhibit at Kensington Antique Rug Mercantile Association (Karma) 4-7 June, 2010. Among the pieces he will show at Karma are an 17th century Ushak “Lotto Rug” and a Mughal “Mille Fleur Rug” from the early 18th century. Dates and location: Karma 4-7 … read more

Tina Tabone

Tina Tabone, peripatetic textile art dealer and social anthropologist, has just launched her new and first website www.tinatabone.com. Tina Tabone is dealing in traditional textile art from Java, Sumatra, Bali, Central Asia and North Africa. Tina is currently living in Sarawak, Malaysia, but expect to return to Europe later this year. Tina … read more