The Hali Colloquium in Italy: Florence, Milan, Turin and Genoa

The Hali Colloquium in Italy

HALI has organized several highly interesting and special events in Italy 5-11 February 2023 to precede the two-day colloquium and expert conference “Kerman Carpets of the Safavid Period (1501-1736)” 10-11 February in Genoa. A week of talks, museum visits and exhibitions will focus on important carpets and artworks in collections … read more

Virtual lecture on Anatolian Kilims by Ali Riza Tuna

The virtual lecture “Myth to Art: New Perspectives on Anatolian Kilims” by Ali Riza Tuna Saturday 14 January 2023, 10 am PT is organized by the Textile Museum Associates of Southern California and New England Rug Society. What makes a “kilim design” immediately recognizable among other designs?  Which characteristics define … read more

Seljuk Konya rugs – lecture by Roberta Marin in London

The Oriental Rug and Textile Society of Great Britain has organised a lecture by Roberta Marin ‘Konya rugs: the story of the enigmatic masterpieces produced in Seljuk Anatolia’. The lecture will take place Wednesday 9 November 2022 at 19.00 in University Women’s Club in Mayfair London… read more

The Intrigue of Baluch Rugs by DeWitt Mallary

The virtual lecture “The Intrigue of Baluch Rugs” by DeWitt Mallary 10 December 2022, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM is co-sponsored by the New England Rug Society and Textile Museum Associates of Southern California. Rugs labelled “Baluch” includes pieces from a number of tribal weaving groups in northeast Iran and northwest Afghanistan. To sort them out is one of the intrigues of Baluch rugs… read more