The Perpetual Picnic – The nomads black tents

by Jean – Paul Peters and Ludwina Akbulut When I was a little boy I was allowed to build a tent in our garden with old pieces of cloth, rope and sticks. In the confinement of my tent an imaginary world of freedom wandering around and discovering developed.  Maybe that … read more

The Tibetan Rug Market & Scholarship – Waving in the Breeze

Article and photos by Thomas Cole, June 9th 2003 Like the proverbial prayer flags, flapping in a high Himalayan breeze, the direction of the Tibetan rug market remains with out a real direction or purpose. After all these years (12 to be exact since the appearance of HALI 49, Tibetan … read more

The economic and ecologic principles of dyeing the wool fibers

by Ashyr Tekayevich Tekayev, dyeing expert Turkmenhaly State Corporation and Seyitguly Batyrov, owner Turkmen Carpets Online – February 26th 2003 Independence Era After Turkmenistan gained its independence in 1991, great opportunities were created in early years of independence by great efforts of our President Saparmyrat Turkmenbashy, for the further prosperous … read more