Carpet sale in Turkey

By Ludwina Akbulut Turkey is a beautiful country to visit. There are lots of ancient historical places, a big range of beautiful landscapes and much more. You can almost not avoid visiting a carpet shop and for a lot of tourists this is their first encounter with handmade carpets and … read more

The Perpetual Picnic – The nomads black tents

by Jean – Paul Peters and Ludwina Akbulut When I was a little boy I was allowed to build a tent in our garden with old pieces of cloth, rope and sticks. In the confinement of my tent an imaginary world of freedom wandering around and discovering developed.  Maybe that … read more

The Tibetan Rug Market & Scholarship – Waving in the Breeze

Article and photos by Thomas Cole, June 9th 2003 Like the proverbial prayer flags, flapping in a high Himalayan breeze, the direction of the Tibetan rug market remains with out a real direction or purpose. After all these years (12 to be exact since the appearance of HALI 49, Tibetan … read more