The 3rd International Symposium of Azerbaijani Carpets

Photos and article by Mike Tschebull The 3rd International Symposium of Azerbaijani Carpets and Applied Art took place in Baku, Azerbaijan, from May 19 through May 21, 2003. Some 33 speakers made presentations, most from Azerbaijan and Turkey, but also from Estonia, Bashkirastan, Iran, Germany, the U.K. and the U.S. … read more

Carpet sale in Turkey

By Ludwina Akbulut Turkey is a beautiful country to visit. There are lots of ancient historical places, a big range of beautiful landscapes and much more. You can almost not avoid visiting a carpet shop and for a lot of tourists this is their first encounter with handmade carpets and … read more

The Perpetual Picnic – The nomads black tents

by Jean – Paul Peters and Ludwina Akbulut When I was a little boy I was allowed to build a tent in our garden with old pieces of cloth, rope and sticks. In the confinement of my tent an imaginary world of freedom wandering around and discovering developed.  Maybe that … read more