Fragments Exhibition – Alberto Boralevi

Press release from Alberto Boralevi: Since ceased working, we have lost contacts and I did not have the chance of showing the new pieces I have been finding and collecting in the meantime. I set up a small FRAGMENTS Exhibition that is presently running on my website. You are … read more

Turkish Carpets: New Discoveries and Old Traditions in Anatolia

The Classical Tradition in Anatolian Carpets

Press release: Nickle Arts Museum Nickle Arts Museum and the New Calgary Rug Club are pleased to present: Turkish Carpets: New Discoveries and Old Traditions in Anatolia A Presentation by Dr Walter Denny Saturday, March 18, 2006 at 2:00pm Nickle Arts Museum, University of Calgary 434 Collegiate Blvd, Calgary, Alberta, … read more

Exhibition Afghan War Rugs, Nickle Arts Museum

Afghan war rug

Made in Afghanistan: Rugs and Resistance, 1979-2005 The Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary, Alberta, Canada Curated by Robert Fyke and Michele Hardy February 25 – May 31, 2006 AK-47s, tanks, grenades, and helicopters are common motifs woven into what are known as Afghani War Rugs. Traditionally, the pile woven carpets made … read more

Caucasian carpets, Exhibition at Washington County Museum of Fine Arts

Shirvan rug

Washington County Museum of Fine Arts has announced an exhibition of Caucasian rugs and carpets February 2 – April 20, 2006. The exhibition includes antique Caucasian rugs, prayer rugs, horse covers, saddle bags and other types of tribal Caucasian weavings. The rugs and weavings are from eastern and southern Caucasus. … read more