Tent Bands of Central Asia

Exhibition at the Textile Museum, Washington DC March 30 – August 19, 2007. Source: Press release November 30, 2006 Tent Bands of Central Asia will be on view at The Textile Museum March 30 – August 19, 2007. The exhibition features the utilitarian and beautiful bands of trellis tents, which … read more

Ottoman carpets – exhibition in Berlin

Transylvanian rug

The exhibition “Ottoman Carpets from Saxon Parishes in Transylvania” at the Museum of Islamic Art in Berlin will go on until 7 January 2007. Along with carpets from Transylvanian Saxon churches the exhibition includes rugs from Brukenthal Museum in Sibiu (Hermannstadt), Romania. The exhibition includes 24 Anatolian carpets from the … read more

Impressions from Konya – rugs and museums

Mevlana Museum in Konya is probably the most famous attraction for tourists visiting or passing through the city. Rug collectors should also pay attention the Ethnographic Museum which includes a very large collection of antique and ancient Anatolian carpets. Among the carpets are carpet fragments from the 13th century Seljuk … read more

Antalya Archaeological Museum – Dosemealti rugs on display

Dosemealti 20th

Antalya Archaeological Museum in Turkey includes an ethnographic section with Dosemealti rugs from the Antalya area and carpets from other parts of Turkey. The museum also includes an equipped Yoruk tent. Original Dosemealti rugs are made by nomadic or semi-nomadic Yoruk tribes. Most of the displayed Dosemealti rugs in the museum … read more