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Netherhampton Salerooms next special carpet auction ‘Carpets, Rugs & Textiles’ will take place 11 December 2013 in Salisbury, UK. This auction includes 553 carpet lots and among them more than 100 lots of textiles including lace and a good collection of Kashmir and other shawls.

The viewing exhibition is open for the public Monday 9 December and Tuesday 10 December 10 am – 5 pm and on the morning of the sale Wednesday 11 December 8.30 am – 10.30 am. The auction itself starts at 11 am. The carpet stack will be turned each view day at 1 pm and on the morning of the sale at 9 am prompt.

Lot 1615: Sarab long rug early 20thC. 8ft. 11in. x 3ft. 9in. 2.72m. x 1.14m. Estimate £300-500
Lot 1620: Ushak ‘Turkey’ carpet, late 19th/early 20th century, 29ft. 3in. x 20ft. 8.92m. x 6.10m. Estimate: £3,000-5,000
Lot 1622: Agra carpet, pale blue field, late 19th/early 20th century 20ft. 5in. x 14ft. 10in.6.22m. x 4.52m. Estimate: £4,000-6,000
Lot 1744: Sindh lady’s wedding costume, late 19th century. Estimate £500-800
Lot 1811: English sampler, early 19th century. Estimate: £300-500
Lot 1834. Yellow field Kashmir long shawl, mid-late 19thC 124in. x 55in. 315cm. x 140cm. Estimate: £2,000-3,000
Lot 1974: Igdir Turkmen torba face, Yomut group, late 19th/early 20thC. Estimate: £600-800
Lot 1976: Tekke Turkmen 4-gul torba mid-19thC. 1ft. 1in. x 2ft. 8in. 0.33m. x 0.81m. Estimate £800-1,200
Lot 2020: Genje long rug late 19th century, 10ft. 4in. x 4ft. 7in. 3.320m. x 1.40m. Estimate: £600-800
Lot 2127: Qashqa’i rug, late 19th/early 20th century 4ft. 10i9n. x 3ft. 1in. 1.47m. x 0.94m. Estimate: £900-1,200

Netherhampton Salerooms online catalogue has not been launched yet but is expected to be online at in a week.

Location or more information: Netherhampton Salerooms, Salisbury Auction Centre, Salisbury Road, Netherhampton, Salisbury, UK. Contact June Barrett, Ian Bennett or Gary Shepherd 01722 342044.

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