Carpets, Rugs & Textiles at Netherhampton Salerooms 5 March

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The Carpet Department at Netherhampton Salerooms in Salisbury, UK, will hold their next special carpet auction ‘ Carpets, Rugs & Textiles’ with Wednesday 5 March 2014. This auction includes 580 carpet and textile lots. The viewing exhibition will be open for the public Monday and Tuesday 3-4 March from 10 am – 5 pm and on the morning of the sale Wednesday 5 March 8.30 am – 10.30 am. The auction itself starts 10.30 am and marks the 10th Anniversary of Netherhampton Salerooms Carpet, Rug and Textile Department.

‘Our star lot is lot 1753 – the flatweave ‘horse’ fragment estimated at £5,000-8,000. Ian Bennett saw it just before Christmas and he was very excited about it, believing that it could be from the Pazyryk period. How sad that he will not now see the outcome of the sale.’ said June Barrett to Jozan Magazine.

Lot 1753. Detail of a very rare flatweave fragment with a possible date of 5th-4th century BC, 9in. x 17in. approx. 23cm. x 43cm. Estimate: £5,000-8,000
Lot 2120. Rug by the Kashkuli taifeh of the Qashqa’i Confederation, Fars, south west Persia, second half 19th century, 8ft. 3in. x 4ft. 9in. 2.51m. x 1.45m. Estimate: £1200-1500
Lot 2112. Afshar sumac rug, Kerman, south west Persia, about 1920-30s, 6ft. 11in. x 5ft. 1in. 2.11m. x 1.55m. Estimate: £500-700
Lot 2086. Timuri Baluchi carpet, north west Afghanistan, Herat province, Kushk district, mid-late 19th century, 8ft. 10in. x 6ft. 3in. 2.69m. x 1.91m. Estimate: £400-600
Lot 1994. Tekke Turkmen main carpet, Turkmenistan, second half 19th century, 9ft. 5in. x 5ft. 11in. 2.87m. x 1.80m. Estimate: £3000-5000
Lot 1990. Yomut Turkmen main carpet, dyrnak gul design with ‘boat’ vine border, first half 19th century, 8ft. 10in. x 5ft. 7in. 2.69m. x 1.79m. Estimate: £3500-4000
Lot 1926. Yomut Turkmen ak yup (tent band) fragment, possibly by the Igdir sub-tribe, Turkmenistan, mid-late 19th century, 20ft. 6in. x 1ft. 5in. .24m. x 0.42m. Estimate: £1200-1500
Lot 1896. Aydin kelim, west central Anatolia, mid-19th century, 11ft. 1in. x 6ft. 2in. 3.38m. x 1.88m. Estimate: £800-1000
Lot 1625. Large fragmented Chinese carpet, and six separate pieces, probably Beijing, about 1900, 26ft. 4in. x 13ft. 1in. 8.03m. x 3.99m. Estimate: £2000-4000

Location and more information: Netherhampton Salerooms, Salisbury Auction Centre, Salisbury Road, Netherhampton, Salisbury, Wilts, UK. Contacts:  June Barrett and Gery Shepherd

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