Carpets, Rugs & Textiles at Netherhampton Salerooms 2 October

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Netherhampton Salerooms next specialist carpet sale ‘Carpets, Rugs & Textiles’ will take place Wednesday 2 October 2013 at 11.00 am  in Salisbury, Wilts. This auction includes 485 carpet lots including carpet related books and magazines. The viewing exhibition will be open Monday 30 September and Tuesday 1 October daily from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. On the morning of sale Wednesday 2 October the opening hours are from 8.30 am to 10.30 am. This sale includes a broad range of antique and semiantique rugs and also a large selection (82 lots) of Turkmen rugs with a number of lots including 4 or 5 pieces in each lot.

Lot 1531. Ravar Kerman pictorial rug, south west Persia, early 20th century, 2ft. 10in. x 4ft. 0.86m. x 1.22m. £400-600
Lot 1542. Hooked pile rug worked with a design in the Arts and Crafts manner, probably English, late 19th/early 20th century, 6ft. 11in. X 5ft. 6in. 2.11m. x 1.68m. £500-700
Lot 1606. Ushak ‘fancy Turkey’ carpet, west Anatolia, early 20th century, 20ft. 2in. x 13ft. 5in. 6.15m. x 4.09m £4000-6000
Lot 1758 Cope and Hood. Estimate £500-700. Lot 1756-1760 is a suite of fifteen early 18th century Eucharistic vestments known as The Spanish Vestments. They are sold i five lots.
Lot 1934. Pair of Tekke Turkmen torba faces, Turkmenistan, late 19th/early 20th century, 1ft. x 2ft. 11in. 0.30m. x 0.89m. £600-800
Lot 1951. Chodor main carpet, south Turkmenistan, mid-19th century, 12ft. 7in. x 7ft. 5in. 3.84m. x 2.26m. £800-1200
Lot 1963. Ersari Turkmen ak yup (tent band) about 1920-40 35ft.10in. x 1ft.1in.10.92m. x 0.32m. £800-1200
Lot 2001. Genje long rug, south east Caucasus, third quarter 19th century, 8ft. 11in. x 3ft. 6in. 2.72m. x 1.07m. £1500-2000
Lot 2019. Shikli Kazak rug, south west Caucasus, 20th century, 7ft. 10in. x 4ft. 7in. 2.39m. x 1.40m £1500-2000
Lot 2093. A pair of Shahsavan sumac mafrash end panels, north west Persia early 20th century, 1ft.7in. x 1ft.5in. 0.48m. x 0,43m. and 1ft.6in. x 1ft.5in. 0.46m. x 0.43m. £1000-1500

Netherhampton Salerooms holds five carpet specialist auctions each year and their catalogue can be found online.

Location and more information: Netherhampton Salerooms, Netherhampton, Salisbury, Wilts, UK

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