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Netherhampton Salerooms next specialist sale of ‘Carpets, Rugs and Textiles’ will take place Wednesday, 15 May 2019 at 10.30a.m.

The viewing exhibtion is open for the public Monday-Tuesday 13-14 May from 10a.m.-5p.m. and in the morning of the sale Wednesday 15 May 8.30a.m.-10 a.m.

Lot 277. Melas rug, West Anatolia first quarter 19th century. 142×122 cm. Estimate 3000-4000 GBP
Lot 466. Qashqai late 19th century. 226×127 cm. Estimate 400-800 GBP
Bakhtiari long rug early 20th century. 320×150 cm. Estimate 300-500 GBP
Qashqai second half 19th century. 224×145 cm. Estimate 800-1000 GBP
Lot 400, Fachralo Kazak. South West Caucasus ca. 1900. 256×158 cm. Estimate 3000-5000 GBP

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Location and more information: Netherhampton Salerooms, Salisbury, Wilts, SP2 8RH, UK.

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