Carpet & Textile Forum 2023 in Buellton, California

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salt bag
Tribal salt bag
The 5th ‘Rug Collectors’ Weekend’ is back in 2023, but with a new name ‘Carpet & Textile Forum’. The event will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 2-4 May 2023 at the Santa Ynez Valley Marriott in Buellton, California.

The Carpet & Textile Forum will start on Tuesday afternoon, with a wine reception preceding the opening of the ‘Dealers’ Row’, which will be open into that evening.

Wednesday and Thursday is devoted to the events usual mix of six topical sessions: ‘Chuvals from the Amu Darya’, ‘Gabbeh Rugs’, ‘Salt Bags’, ‘Saltillo Serapis’, ‘Okbash’, ‘Velvet Ikats’  and the ‘Show-&-Tell’. The sessions are moderated by scholars and enthusiasts that share their material and allow the attendees to see and handle some of them.

Thursday evening is finished off with a buffet barbecue, where all attendees can enjoy that special cuisine in good company.

‘At our several past gatherings, the Marriott has proved a most congenial atmosphere for collectors and dealer-collectors of rugs, kilims, bags, and textiles to share and discuss examples from their collections as they exchange ideas, experiences, and expertise’ says Brian Morehouse to Jozan Magazine.

Find more information from the organizers about: Carpet & Textile Forum 2-4 May 2023 (pdf)

Location: Santa Ynez Valley Marriott, 555 McMurray Road, Buellton, California

Brian Morehouse: Organizer
Bethany Mendenhall: Coordinator / Registration contact person
Stephanie Morehouse: Hospitality


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