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by Tim Steinert, Carpet Collector

Carpet Collector

Dear friends of Jozan,

We – the editors of Carpet Collector – just finished the third issue of this new magazine for all rug collectors and connoisseurs. It is now going to the printer and will be shipped in early July.

In this issue you will find exciting articles on a variety of topics. These include reports from trade fairs such as the London Antique Rug and Textile Art Fair and collectors‘ meetings like the third Symposium on Central Asian Textile Art in Leipzig.

Carpet Collector 3/2012 also focuses on reports from the spring auctions. Whether at Rippon-Boswell, the Dorotheum, Nagel or Christie‘s: the one thing that all of these auctions had in common is that it was the exceptional rugs and textiles in particular that appealed to buyers. Truly high-quality and rare pieces were sold at high prices.

Tim Steinert

There are many stories surrounding the master weaver Mohtasham, but only very few signed rugs are known to exist. Siawosch U. Azadi devotes his attention to Mohtasham in our „Masterpieces“ section and presents two of these exceptional pieces.

Best regards,

Tim Steinert
Editor-in-Chief, Carpet Collector


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