Bruun Rasmussen’s June auction including carpets

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Bruun Rasmussen’s next International Auction in June 2014 will include a special session with rugs and carpets. The carpet session will be held between 10 – 12 June 2014 and the exact date is not known yet.  Bruun Rasmussen’s preview exhibition will be held 4 – 9 June at their premises in Bredgade, Copenhagen City. Bruun Rasmussen holds four International auctions with paintings, antiques and carpets each year. Among other offerings their carpet auction in June will include Persian workshop carpets.

Signed Qum full silk rug, Persia. Signed: Ghom Abolghasemi. C. 950.000 kn. pr. sqm.. Ca. 2000. 200 x 130 cm. Est. 2000.- Euro.
Kerman rug, Persia. Rare design of Persian coats of arms, lion and crown. C. 1960. 234 x 146 cm. Est. 1300-1500.- Euro.
A signed Seirafian rug, Persia. Signed: On order of Mohamad Ali Seirafian. C. 1.1 mio. kn. pr. sqm. Knotted on silk warps. Mid-20th century. 226 x 148 cm. Est. 3200-4000.- Euro.
Isfahan rug, Persia. Medallion design. C. 620.000 kn. pr. sqm. Mid-20th century. 203 x 141 cm. 1100-1400.- Euro.
Nain rug, Persia. All over design. C. 950.000 kn. pr. sqm. Outlines with silk pile. C. 1960. 247 x 155 cm. Est. 1400.- Euro.


Location and more information: Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers, Bredgade 33, DK-1260 København K

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