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Bruun Rasmussens next international auction including carpets will take place 16 September 2020 at 2 pm. The auction includes around 30 selected pieces from Persia, Caucasus, India and France.

“The highligt of sale is the “Schloss Jägerhof ” Agra palace carpet, several well preserved Caucasian rugs, a fine mint condition Kashan silk souf and a fine weave Brussels tapestry” says Henrik Schleppegrell, Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers.

The preview is open for the public 10-14 September 2020 at Bruun Rasmussen, Bredgade 31-35, 1260 Copenhagen.

The “Schloss Jägerhof ” Agra palace carpet, North India. Late 19th century. 885 x 778 cm. Est. 53.000-67.000.- Euro. Provenance: The Goethe Museum/Schloss Jägerhof, Dusseldorf, Germany. The present carpet was part of the interior at Schloss Jägerhof, the lecture room and the presentation room of the Ernst Georg Schneider collection.
An antique Heriz carpet, North West Persia. A classical medallion design surrounded by inner-border with Persian poems and main border with rosettes and leafs. Early 20th century. 585 x 400 cm. Est. 27000.- Euro.

A Brussels tapestry with the mythology scenery “Love of the Gods – Apollo”. 17th century. 376 x 240 cm. Est. 8000.- Euro.

An antique Shirvan-Marasali rug, Caucasus. Rare design. Late 19th century. 155 x 105 cm. Est. 4700.-
An antique Shahsavan kilim, Caucasus. Design of wide horisontal bands with oktagons and tarantulas executed in natural colors. 1890-1910. 299 x 200 cm. Est. 1600-2000.- Euro
An antique kashan full silk souf, Persia. Mint condition. C. 800.000 kn. pr. sqm. Early 20th century. 196 x 139 cm. Est. 5300-6700.-
An antique Kasak rug, Caucasus. 19th century. 277 x 121 cm. Est. 8000.-

Location and more information: Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers, Bredgade 31-35, 1260 Copenhagen

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