The next Berlin Antique Rugs & Textile Art Exhibition will take place in May 2015

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Tim Steinert, Carpet Collector, has just officially announced that Berlin’s BARE antique rug exhibition will now be held every two years. As a result, the next Berlin Antique Rugs & Textile Art Exhibition (BARE) will take place in Berlin in May 2015.

‘The goal of creating an event that will also appeal to visitors who are not rug collectors is a big challenge. As such, it requires a sophisticated supporting programme. It takes a great deal of time to prepare extensive exhibitions, not to mention the corresponding PR work. In order to optimally manage these tasks, the editorial team of Carpet Collector has decided to hold the event every two years’ said Tim Steinert to Jozan Magazine.

James Cohen in his stand at BARE 2013

At the premiere in 2013 at the ‘Old Mint’ in Berlin, two special exhibitions provided insight and background knowledge. In one special thematic exhibition, exemplary pieces from all price categories and provenances gave an overview of the various collectable areas. Another special exhibition ‘The Fateful Night in the Vault – The End of the Bode Collection’ highlighted the venue’s historic significance. Photos from the archive of the Museum of Islamic Art showed pieces that used to belong to the most important collection of large-format carpets before they were destroyed in World War II. A reproduction of the famous Bode animal carpet completed the exhibition in the underground bunker in Berlin’s ‘Old Mint’, the very place where the collection met its fate in 1945.

The special thematic exhibition at BARE 2013
From the photo exhibition of the Bode Collection at BARE 2013
Reproduction of the Bode Animal Carpet

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