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A special documentary photo exhibition showing carpets from the Major Bode Collection is a part of the ongoing Berlin Rugs & Textile Exhibition at the Alte Münze in Berlin. This special photo exhibition is especially relevant because the Bode Collection actually was stored ind the vaults in the Alte Münze but was destroyed in a bomb raid on 11 March 1945. The research, planning, and mounting of this impressive exhibition has been done by Silke Braeuer and Birgit Voß.

The exhibiton also includes, besides the black and white photos, an impressive real carpet, a reproduction of a twin to the Bode Animal Carpet. This twin is in LACMA’s possession and has been source for the reproduction owned and now exhibited by N. Vrouyr, Antwerpen.

DSCF3466 480x286 - BARE: The Bode Collection
Reproduction of the twin to the Bode Animal Carpet
DSCF3467 480x334 - BARE: The Bode Collection
Black and white photos of the Bode Animal Carpet
DSCF34821 480x360 - BARE: The Bode Collection
Detail of the reproduction of the LACMA carpet. The dragon is red while the dragon in the destroyed Bode Animal carpet was black
DSCF3511 480x377 - BARE: The Bode Collection
Birgit Voß tells about the Bode Collection

BARE runs through Sunday 2 June with opening hours Sunday 11.00 – 18.00.

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Location and more information: BARE Alte Münze, Molkenmakt 2, 10179, Berlin

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