Baluch Exhibition at ‘Blaafarvevaerket’ in Norway

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Lars N. Nygaard, a well-known Norwegian antique rug dealer, has in cooperation with a dedicated collector Jan Eskeland, organized a very large and interesting exhibition of Baluch rugs at Blaafarvevaerket in Åmot ca. 80 km from Oslo. The exhibition runs from 13 May through 24 September 2023 and includes circa 200 Baluch pieces from Lars N. Nygaard and other collectors.

‘Iran is a melting pot of Azeri, Luri, Kurdi, Bakhtiari, Qashqai, Arab, Afshar, Turkoman and Baluch populations. This exhibition is a small step and contribution just to scratch in the surface of the multitude of this overwhelming cultural world, and a tribute to the people who made these wonderful works. In the summer of 2021, I realized that in two years’ time I would pass 50 years working with Oriental carpets. A milestone worth to celebrate. Some sort of event was inevitable and in that very moment I realized that it had to be an exhibition of Baluchi carpets.’ said Lars Nygaard to Jozan Magazine.

Blaafarvevaerket (Bluecolorfactory) is a museum who tells the long story of the The Royal Cobalt Works Factory and also a meeting place where a wide audience will be able to see good art, culture and nature at the same time. For over 100 years, thousands of people worked to extract cobalt from the deep mines at Modum for  making cobalt blue paint. The museum has become a complete recreational offer for the whole family and is an important player in tourism in the region.

Besides the Baluch rug exhibition the museums also exhibit 70 classic (1879-1910) Scandinavian paintings lend from the Swedish National Museum in Stockholm.

There are many good reasons to visit Scandinavia and Norway and the Baluch exhibition and Blaafarvevaerket in general is worth visiting. So book your flight tickets for Oslo.

Location and more information: Blaafarvevaerket, Nyfossum, Fossumgata, 3340 Åmot, Norway

Lars N. Nygaard
Lars N. Nygaard has been a frequent contributor of articles to Jozan Magazine. Read his highly interesting articles about traveling in Iran.

Lars N. Nygaard and his daughter Line is running their carpet business at Teppeforum in Stabekk, Norway
Lars N. Nygaard and his daughter Line is running their carpet business at Teppeforum in Stabekk, Norway

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