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Nomadic Legacy – Tents & Textiles of Central Asia and Iran

NOMADIC LEGACY – Tents & Textiles of Central Asia and Iran currently at the Escondido location of the MINGEI MUSEUM  boasts a really grand YURT. This Kyrgyz round trellis tent built by the Osmonaliev family is not the ordinary yurt one would come upon on the steppes of the Kyrgyz … read more

Radiance From the Rainforest

Review by Valerie Justin, Vanishing Textiles Gorgeous garments and accoutrements from pre conquest South America fashioned from the brilliantly colored feathers of birds from the Amazonian rain forests, are currently shown in the Michael Rockefeller wing of the Metropolitan Museum in NYC. Titled “RADIANCE FROM THE RAINFOREST- Featherwork in Ancient … read more

Review – Tent Bands of Central Asia

by Valerie Justin April 6, 2007 The opening sentences to the brochure for this marvelous exhibit reads “The trellis tent is a brilliant invention. In its present form, it has made nomadic life possible across Central Asia for at least one and a half millennia”. The trellis tent, or yurta, … read more

Exhibits in Washington D.C. by Valerie Justin

A richly varied day in Washington D.C. December 8, 2005 by Valerie Justin   The three textile exhibits at the Textile Museum and the Ottoman Costumes at the Sackler Gallery provided a richly varied day in Washington, D.C. The “richly” applies particularly to the extraordinary opulence of Style and Status: … read more