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Nagel review

by Sarah Haberkern. The recent Nagel auction 7 September 2010 reflected the present economical situation. The sale was lightly attended, and though the number of sold items was near normal, the prices fetched were mostly subdued. Attendance might have been further dampened by the new early September dates with the preview taking place 4-7 September and … read more

ARTS: The Young Collectors’ Room

by Sarah Haberkern. 2010 Antique Rug & Textile Show, the Young Collectors’ Room To the uninitiated, the novice, and the general public the collectible rug and textile business must at first appear to be incomprehensible. The buying and selling of what might seem to the average person to be literally … read more

Turkish kilims and why they are hot in Istanbul

by Sarah Haberkern. The visible trend in the Istanbul rug market moves towards kilims and there are lots of Turkish kilims in the trade this year. This phenomenon has several reasons. Firstly, because Turkish kilims have became popular among Japanese tourists. They are often first time buyers with a great … read more