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The long waited San Francisco Antique Rug & Textile Show will soon start for four festive days from 20-23 October 2011.

Detail East Anatolian rug. Exhibitor Owen Parry.
Central Anatolian kilim fragment 1800. Exhibitor Alberto Levi.
19th century Ouzbek Velvet Coat (back view). Exhibitors Craig & Nina Hatch
Qaradagh End Panel 17” x 16” Circa 1850. Exhibitor Edward Koch.
19th century West Anatolian Kozak Village prayer rug 2-8×3-6 (82x107cm). Exhibitor Michael Phillips.
Primitive Tibetan Horse Cover, flatwoven with thigmas. Exhibitor Nick Wright
Exhibitor Cuneyt Yesilcay.
Chuval detail of Ersari striped type from Amu-Darya area – circa 1850. Exhibitor Mete Mutlu.

Location and more information: Antique Rug & Textile Show 20-23 October 2011 at Motel Capri in San Francisco.

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