ARTS opening reception 20 October at 5pm

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Preview: Anatolian prayer rug detail. Exhibitor Owen Parry.

The Antique Rug & Textile Show 2011 at Motel Capri will be open for the public Friday to Sunday October 21-23, 2011 10am to 8pm – but – an opening reception will be held 20 October at 5pm for ARTAA members.

ARTAA is the organisation behind the annual ARTS fair and is a California registered charitable organisation.

“Attending the opening involves joining ARTAA for $35 and comes with a very nice catered buffet dinner by La Mediterranee. There will also be a wine bar and we expect that between the food, drink and first view of the rugs our visitors will have a very enjoyable evening. While visitors may also join at the time of the opening reception we kindly ask that they RSVP by joining us in advance. ” says Ben Banayan to Jozan Magazine.

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