Antique Rugs of Kurdistan

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The Textile Museum Associates of Southern California (TMA/SC)  is a frequent organizer of interesting rug and textile lectures held by reputable scholars.

Recently, on 3rd March 2012 James D. Burns held an lecture “Antique Rugs of Kurdistan” for the group in Los Angeles.

James D. Burns speaking about Kurdish rugs in front of members of the Textile Museum Assoiates of Southern California. Photo courtesy Khosrow Sobhe.
Kurdish rugs. Photo courtesy of Khosrow Sobhe.

“The Kurdish people have been master weavers for centuries. However, because they have been a minority culture spread across a wide range of political boundaries, rug scholars have paid little attention to their weavings as a comprehensive whole. As a result, in most books about rug weaving published over the last 50 years, one can find Kurdish rugs in the chapters on Turkey, Persia, and the Caucasus, but rarely have they been discussed as a cohesive group” wrote TMA/SC in the introduction to this lecture.

James D. Burns is the author of “Antique Rugs of Kurdistan – A Historical Legacy of Woven Art“, “Traditions in Weaving: The Caucasus” and “Visions of Nature: The Antique Weavings of Persia“.

Thanks to Khosrow Sobhe, SOBCO International Ltd., Los Angeles for helping with photos for this article.

More information: Textile Museum Associates of Southern California

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