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Category: Auctions hosted a special auction preview for members of the Danish Rug Society Thuesday evening 19 February 2013. This event took place in their store rooms in Herlev in Greater Copenhagen Area, where’s carpet expert Aram Safaei answered questions from the rug club members about the exhibited old and antique rugs.

Members of The Danish Rug Society inspecting and discussing lot 2887346, an antique Caucasian Seichur rug. Size 280×150 cm. Estimate 12,000 DKK
Lot 2887326, an antique Caucasian Kazak rug 245×155 cm in good condition. Estimate 15,000 DKK. Several members mentioned this rug as their favorite choice among the exhibited rugs and carpets.
Detail of an antique Talish runner, lot 2887592. Size 285×87 cm. Estimate 15,000 DKK
Lot 2887601, an antique Anatolian Karapinar rug in good condition. Size 130×124 cm. Estimate 15,000 DKK
Aram Safaei showing the members an antique Caucasian Chi-chi rug
Lot 2866223, an antique Anatolian Bergama rug. Size 142×107 cm. Estimate 2,000 DKK
Lot 2885166, an antique Kurdish rug, North West Persia. Size 194×127 cm and in good condition. Estimate 8,000 DKK. An inspection of the back showed that the first 15 cm was typical Bijar weave and the rest Senneh.’s catalogue is online and bidding started.  The first lots will be sold one by one from 25 February 2013 and the online carpet auction will proceed until 14 March or later, where the last lots are sold.

Location and more information:, Dynamovej 11, 2730 Herlev, Danmark

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