Anatolian rug fragments from the Samy Rabinovic Collection

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Gallery51 in Philadelphia, PA, is hosting an exhibition of Anatolian rug fragments from the Samy Rabinovic Collection and the exhibition will run through 31 December 2021. Opening hours at the gallery at 51 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, are Tuesday-Friday from 11 am – 6 pm, Saturday from noon-5 pm.

The pieces in the exhibition ‘Jewels of Anatolia: Rug Fragments from the Samy Rabinovic Collection’ were acquired by Samy Rabinovic at ACOR meetings he participated in, during his travels to Anatolia and from local and foreign dealers.

“These fragments are at least 150 – 300 years old or older, and have made it, by some miracle, to our time” said Craig Wallen to Jozan Magazine.

Samy Rabinovic Collection at Gallery51
Karaman rug fragment
Samy Rabinovic Collection at Gallery51
East Anatolian rug fragment
Central Anatolian rug
Anatolian fragment
Anatolian rug fragment

Samy Rabinovic, who passed away in March 2021, was born and raised in Istanbul and came to Lowell, Massachusetts in 1967. He was hired by a Philadelphia chemical company and in 1975, transferred to its European labs in France. During a trip to London in 1983 he attended the International Conference on Oriental Rugs and crossed paths with Dr. Harold Bohmer who became his mentor. After that, his focus was on Anatolian rugs, especially on Central and Eastern Anatolian village rugs. Samy Rabinovic retired from the chemical company in 1995 and began to set up rug study tours to Turkey, to introduce fellow travelers to rugs and to the Turkish culture. He was a member of the Princeton Rug Society, President of the Philadelphia Rug & Textile Society and a member of the George Washington University Textile Museum.

Location and more information: Gallery51, 51 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

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