Anatolian fragments from Cappadocia

Sonny Berntsson is an expert in Anatolian textiles and on 21 March 2009 he gave a lecture for the Danish Rug Society about the textiles from Central Anatolia that were used by the people of Cappadocia. Only fragments of the several hundred year old textiles have been preserved because they were in daily use. See selected photos here. PHOTOS: JAN ANDERSEN

Sonny Berntsson and Lasse Randling visited Copenhagen to speak about Anatolian and Swedish weavings.
Fragment from Cappadocia circa 16th century.
The rugs from Cappadocia were used every day 60-90 years before they were worn out. That is the reason why there only exist fragments today of these old rugs
Cappadocian fragment
The yellow color reflects light in the dark caves in Cappadocia.
Memling gul in Cappadocian rug fragment.
Cappadocian fragment.
This 3 cm thick Cappadocian rug was used as underlay in the caves.
Sonny Berntsson og Erling Wiinstedt.
Large Anatolian Saf kilim.
Anatolian prayer rug fragment.
Antique Anatolian rug from Centarl Anatolia in great condition and with an unique design.
Sonny Berntsson has written an article for Hali that will be published in 2010.