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Woven Abstraction – The Beauty of African Tribal Textiles
Woven Abstraction – The Beauty of African Tribal Textiles

Gallery51, Philadelphia, has arranged an exhibition “Woven Abstraction – The Beauty of African Tribal Textiles” which will run through 31 March 2011.

“For millennia, textiles in Africa were status symbols” says the gallery owner and organizer Craig Wallen to Jozan Magazine.

He continues “As such, they have often been used to represent wealth and to convey a superior sense of culture and sophistication. As representations of the social standing of a family or tribe, much effort was invested into making them as beautiful, intricate and impressive as possible. In some areas, they also became a means of currency as they were very expensive and labor intensive to produce. Africans traded handmade textiles with surrounding nations, as well as European explorers in exchange for food, weapons and other goods. Due to their well-developed sense of graphic design, color and technique, these items have now become esteemed works of art by both collectors and designers.  The influence of African textiles, like other forms of African art, has extended well beyond the borders of Africa and has had a lasting impact on many abstract concepts underlying modern Western art and design”.

More information and location: Craig Wallen, Gallery51, 51 N. 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

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