ACOR 2011 in San Francisco postponed

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ACOR Boston 2006 – Wendel Swan: Mystery Rug
ACOR Boston 2006 – Wendel Swan: Mystery Rug

“For many months the ACOR Board of Directors has been working diligently to try to bring about an ACOR 9 conference in San Francisco in February 2011” says ACOR President Tom Hubbard to Jozan Magazine. “However, the Board has not found it possible to construct a budget which would support the kind of conference that ACOR participants would find both satisfying and affordable. In addition to our educational sessions, ACOR participants have come to expect a vibrant Dealer Fair as well as exciting local exhibitions. We have determined that it is not possible to deliver a conference with these features at an affordable price at this time.”

According to Tom Hubbard the ability of ACOR to conduct future conferences will depend on the strong support of  local rug societies and on the willingness of local volunteers to assist the Board in bringing a conference to their city.

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