A little peek at ACOR 7 – American Conference on Oriental Rugs

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by Patrick Weiler

ACOR 7 rolled up the rugs last weekend after a spectacular display of Turkmen rugs from the Michael Rothberg collection, a spacious and busy Dealers Row, a Northwest Collections exhibit and more.

Dealer’s Row
Here are some photos from Dealers Row, although it was more like a covered bazaar with a maze of dealers.

Dealers row
This booth was Bruce Froemming’s display of embroideries. He also presented a seminar on them.
On the left is Jerry Silverman and on the right is Danny Mehra. In between are two of the many hard-working volunteers who kept everything under control. (no, there was not one volunteer per ACOR attendant) And a lovely Genje rug is hanging in the background.
Costumes party, the winner, dressed in ethnic Chinese costume, is third from left.

Excerpted from www.turkotek.com, reprinted with permission.Visit TurkoTek Discussion Forums to see more photos.


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