7th Qinghai International Carpet Exhibition

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The 7th Qinghai International Carpet Exhibition will take place 20-23 June 2010 in Xining City in the Chinese Qinghai province.

This carpet fair will especially feature Tibetan and Chinese rugs but also carpets from Iran, Pakistan, Nepal, India and Afghanistan will be on display.

Both handmade rugs and machine-made rugs together with home textiles will be parts of the exhibition. 

There will be more than 600 exhibitors in 21,000 square meter center, located in the Qinghai capital, Xining.

“Last summer, after the 6th Qinghai Tibetan Rug Show, Tammy and I, traveled to Lhasa by the highest train in the world for 24 hours to 16,500’. It’s the highest train in the world and travels to spectacular Himalayan base mountains and river valleys” says Paul Shaper to Jozan Magazine. “We filmed in Tibetan rug workshops and monasteries. The weather is perfect and so are the people, hotels, food and rugs. So why not now? I recommend you to mix a business trip to the fair with pleasure!” he continues.

Paul Shaper Productions - You Tube video

More information: Paul Shaper, Paul Shaper Productions

Source: Paul Shaper press-release

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