5th Sartirana Textile Show 9-13 September 2009

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Ushak ‘Lotto‘
Preview: Ushak ‘Lotto‘, late 17th-early 18th century. Exhibitor Alberto Boralevi

The 5th Sartirana Textile Show will take place 9-13 September 2009 at the Castle of Sartirana.

General Opening:
Wednesday 9 September (3:00 – 8:00 PM)
Thursday 10 September (3:00 – 11:00 PM)
Friday 11 September (3:00 – 8:00 PM)
Saturday 12 September (10:00 AM – 11:00 PM)
Sunday 22 September (3:00 – 8:00 PM)

The forty exhibitors include:
Adil Besim, Alberto Boralevi, Ali Riza Tuna, Anatolian, Antique Textile Art, Antony Hazledine, Augusto Rillosi, Brian MacDonald, Carltone Consultancy, Carpet Diem, David Sorgato, Faik Isik, Galerie Arabesque, Galerie Sari, Gallery Frauenknecht, Hotel Americas, James Cohen Antique Carpets, Kamoo Gallery, Karavan Art & Aydin Oriental Rug, Khotan RSK, Kilim Gallery, Ibrahim Tekin, Igor Honkanen, Lombardo & Partners, Markus Voigt, Marthe Dumortier, Metin Konukcu, Michael Craycraft, Mohammad Tehrani, Nader, Panto Textile Art, Parvizyar, Rob van Wieringen, RTC Langauer GMBH & CO.KEG, SABAHI, Seltene Orientteppiche, Shawl Gallery, SMY Motamedi, Tapis Emir and Tina Tabone.

Kazak Lori Pambak
Preview: Kazak Lori Pambak. Exhibitor Nader

Besides the dealers fair the show will include a special exhibition devoted to Filikli carpets. These long-hair rugs are extremely soft, having been woven with Mohair. This exhibition will present selected and previously unpublished pieces of a private collector and will be accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue in Italian and English.

Short lectures (20-30 minutes each one) will be held every afternoon in the large courtyard. One of the speakers this year will be Elena Tsareva, worldwide famous rug expert and researcher of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the Museum of Anthropology, St. Petersburg.

Lecture Program of the 5th Sartirana Textile Show

Wednesday September 9th 2009
5:00 PM – Alberto Boralevi – remembering two friends: Jonathan Broido & Umberto Sorgato, due amici che ci hanno lasciato
5:15 PM – Chiara Battini – Filiki: la mostra, il catalogo

Preview: Shahsavan ca. 1900. Exhibitor Seltene Orientteppiche Herbert Bieler
Preview: Shahsavan ca. 1900. Exhibitor Seltene Orientteppiche Herbert Bieler

Thursday September 10th 2009
5:00 PM – Elena Tsareva – Where and When Knotted Rugs Began to Be Produce: the Filikli Technique.

Friday September 11th 2009
5:00 PM – Alfred Niklebil – 350 anni di tappeti di Konya
5:15 PM – Monique di Prima – Saper Vedere: Il tappeto. Presentazione di un nuovo libro.

Saturday September 12th 2009
5:00 PM – Ali Riza Tuna – Back to the Future. New Anatolian Rugs after Antique European paintings.

Location and more information:Sartirana Castle, Sartirana, Lomellina, Italy

Find books by Alberto Boralevi, Elena Tsareva, Ali Riza Tuna, Chiara Battini,

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