13th Persian Carpet Grand Exhibition in Tehran August 2004

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4 April 2004

Press release from Iran Carpet Company – Mr. Yazdi:

IranCarpetCo - 13th Persian Carpet Grand Exhibition in Tehran August 2004“Persian Carpet Iran Carpet Company , in cooperation with the Iranian Carpet Exporters Association , will hold the 13th Persian Carpet Grand Exhibition in Tehran International Fair Ground from August 23 to 29, 2004.

The exhibition will focus on the export and foreign sales aspects of Iranian carpet . The experience gained from the past twelve exhibitions has enabled the Iranian producers and exporters to provide the visitors and Persian carpet lovers from around the world with the finest and most beautiful carpets from different regions of Iran . This unique commercial , artistic and cultural event will provide a suitable opportunity for producers , exporters and buyers to exchange ideas. The exhibition will bring those involved in the carpet field closer together .This will contribute to better understanding and supply of carpets that meet the consumers needs and preferences .

For the first time in thirteen years , a Persian carpet exhibition for domestic market was held in February 2004 .Therefore , in the August exhibition the setting will be ready and appropriate for exporters and importers to have discussions and negotiations in a more specialized atmosphere . The quality rather than the quantity of carpets displayed in this fair will be the main focus of attention . The organizer will do its best to provide all the visitors with necessary facilities and services such as entry visa , reservation of hotel accommodation , tours , etc. All lovers of handmade carpets are invited to visit the 13th Persian Carpet Grand Exhibition  and feel the splendour of the Iranian carpets first hand in the origin.

Mr. Yazdi – Iran Carpet Company”

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