12th International Conference on Oriental Carpets

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Dennis Dodds - 12th International Conference on Oriental CarpetsFollowing the conclusion of the extraordinary 11th ICOC in Istanbul in April 2007, a meeting of the ICOC International Committee was held to invite suggestions for the host city of the 12th ICOC. Chairman of the International Committee, Professor Walter B. Denny, chaired the meeting and, after discussing possible venues, a vote of the members resulted in pre-selecting Paris and Stockholm as the principal candidates.

A ‘Request for Proposal’ package was recently sent by Professor Denny to representatives in each city who will submit their respective detailed proposals to the ICOC Executive Committee by April 2008. There are many variables to consider so that ICOC can best serve the interests of our diverse and enthusiastic international community of academics, collectors, dealers and aficionados. After thoroughly reviewing each proposal, another vote will be taken and the final host city will be announced. Jozan readers may visit our website for updates: www.icoc-orientalrugs.org.

Jozan readers may also be pleased to know that they can now order the official Istanbul ICOC exhibition catalogues from Dennis Marquand at www.rugbooks.com. It is a magnificent 2-volume boxed set of hundreds of color plates which chronicles the remarkable carpets in the Turk ve Islam Muzesi exhibition, as well as private collections of previously unpublished kilims, rugs and yastiks.

ICOC is a non-profit organization and is staffed only by unpaid volunteers. We greatly appreciate the support we get from Jozan readers around the world who register for our conferences and purchase our beautiful books.

Dennis Dodds, Secretary-general International Conference on Oriental Carpets

rev. 8 September 2008



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