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Click for more information and find the best offerHandbook of Fakes by Tuduc
Stefano Ionescu
Published: 2010. Hardcover. 152 pages. Genre: Caucasian; Persian; Turkish

Tattooed Mountain Women and Spoonboxes of Daghestan: Magic Medicine Symbols in Silk, Stone, Wood and Flesh
Robert Chenciner; Gabib Ismailov; Magomedkhan Magomedkhanov
Published: Bennett & Bloom 2006. Paperback. 96 pages. Genre: Caucasian

Click for more information and find the best offerFlat-Woven Rugs and Textiles from the Caucasus
RobertH.Nooter, JohnT.Wertime (Editor)
Published: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. 2004. Hardcover, 256pp. Genre: Caucasian

Passages: Celebrating Rites of Passage in Inscribed Armenian Rugs
Murray Eiland
Published: Armenian Rugs Society 2002. Hardcover. Genre: Caucasian

Click for more information and find the best offerCaucasian Prayer Rugs
Ralph Kaffel
Published: Laurence King in association with Hali 1998. 192 pages. Genre: Caucasian; Flatweaves

Click for more information and find the best offerCaucasian Carpets and Covers: The Weaving Culture
Richard E. Wright; John T. Wertime
Published: Laurence King Pub 1995. Hardcover. 184 pages. Genre: Caucasian

Inscribed Armenian rugs of yesteryear
James Mark Keshishian
Published: J.M. Keshishian 1994. Unknown Binding. 256 pages. Genre: Caucasian

Kaitag: Textile art from Daghestan
Robert Chenciner
Published: Textile Arts Publications 1993. Unknown Binding. 207 pages. Genre: Caucasian

Azeri folklife carpets
George Jevremovic
Published: Woven Legends, Inc 1992. Unknown Binding. 96 pages. Genre: Caucasian

Early Caucasian Rugs
Charles Grant Ellis
Published: Textile Museum 1990. Paperback. Genre: Caucasian

Azerbaijan Carpet II
L. Kerimov
Published: Imported Pubn 1989. Hardcover. Genre: Caucasian

Armenian carpet
Manya Ghazarian
Published: Editions Erebouni 1988. Unknown Binding. Genre: Caucasian

Rugs of the Caucasus: From the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mark Keshishian
Harold M Keshishian
Published: [s.n.] 1988. Unknown Binding. Genre: Caucasian

Armenian Rugs: Fabric of a Culture
Published: Balch Inst 1988. Paperback. 40 pages. Genre: Caucasian

Patterned threads: Ikat traditions and inspirations
Lotus Stack
Published: Minneapolis Institute of Arts 1987. Paperback. 37 pages. Genre: Caucasian

Armenian rugs from the Gregorian collection
Arthur T Gregorian
Published: A.T. Gregorian 1987. Unknown Binding. 200 pages. Genre: Caucasian

The Caucasus, Traditions in Weaving
James Burns; James D Burns
Published: Court Street Press 1987. Unknown Binding. 67 pages. Genre: Caucasian

Merchants, Weavers and Kings: Inscribed Rugs of Armenia - Exhibition Catalogue
Lucy Der Manuelian; Murray L Eiland
Published: Kimbell Art Museum, US 1987. Hardcover. 211 pages. Genre: Caucasian

E. Gans-Ruedin
Published: THAMES&HUDSON 1986. Hardcover. 368 pages. Genre: Caucasian

Embroidery of Ourha
Arackel Patrick
Published: Imported Pubn 1986. Hardcover. Genre: Caucasian

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