Galerie Koller Auction 20 June 2002


Kagizman Anatolia 19 ct.©Galerie Koller Senneh Kelim old ©Galerie Koller  Keshan ©Galerie Koller  Hatschlou Yomuth 1920 ©Galerie Koller  Shirvan 1920 ©Galerie Koller  Malatia Kelim 19 ct. ©Galerie Koller  Seichur old ©Galerie Koller  Ensarun Kelim 19 ct. ©Galerie Koller   

Top lot at Van Ham


The top lot of the spring sale of carpets and tapestries on 4. May 2002 at VAN HAM Fine Art Auctions in Cologne was a 433 x 372cm large carpet with the pattern of an early Smyrna.VAN HAM’s experts think that this carpet was most probably made around 1900 in a work shop in North…

Selection from Bukowskis auction 30 May 2002

L1207KizilAyakAntik301x189-Bukowskis_small2.jpg 1207 Kizil Ayak antique 301 x 189 cm. Hammerprice 80.000 SKR ©Bukowskis   Kat. nr. 1232 Antique Yomud Azmalyk 12 x 71 cm. Hammerprice 7.000 SKR ©Bukowskis Bukowskis auction 30 May 2002 1177 Heris antique 490 x 381cm. Hammerprice 215.000 SKR ©Bukowskis  

Reinhard Blanck and Stefan Dobadka Central Asia Collection – Kyrgyz and Uzbeks rugs and textiles


Rev. 29.04.2002 Napramatsch Reinhard Blanck and Stefan Dobadka, ArtDokuments, have been collectors of Kyrgyz and Uzbeks rugs and textiles the last 15 years. A major part of the collection are “Napramatsch”, tent bags with a knotted front. Reinhard Blanck and Stefan Dobadka now own more than 100 of them.   Napramatsch Napramatsch    Rug  …

Selection Nagel Auktionen Rugs and Carpets auction 7 May 2002


Derbend 1900 Lot 158 ©Nagel Auktionen Dragon Verneh 19ct. Lot 112 ©Nagel Auktionen Gabbeh 19ct. Lot 208 Gashgai 2h19ct Lot 202 ©Nagel Auktionen Heriz 1q19ct Lot 272 ©Nagel Auktionen High Atlas Berber rug Lot 255 ©Nagel Auktionen Jomud Asmalyk 1800 Lot 165 ©Nagel Auktionen Jomud Salachak 2h19ct. Lot 80 ©Nagel Auktionen Kazak 1h19ct. Lot 105…