13716 Bidjar 11.2 x 7.10 ft - Djoharian Oriental Rugs - Art Oriental GmbH

NAME: 13716 Bidjar 11.2 x 7.10 ft

ID(Jozan): no. 101828
DESCRIPTION: Product: handknotted, one of a kind
Type: Bidjar
Size: Ca. 11.2 x 7.10 ft
Design: Geometric Medallion
Pile: 100% persian highland wool
Foundation: cotton
Knotcount ca: 225 Knots per square inch
Product style: City manufactur, vertical loom
Land of origin: Iran / real persian rug
City of origin: Sandjan / western Iran
Condition of rug: Very good
Dyes: Chemical
Age: Semi antique (20-50 years)
Time of labour on this rug ca: 541 days
Extra Information: These rugs are not strait! This is typical for old and semiantique rugs from this area.

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Seller: Djoharian Oriental Rugs - Art Oriental GmbH - View sellers other items
Sellers address: Ludwigstr. 21, 97816 Lohr, Germany
Email: info@artoriental.de
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