Educational photos:

Veramin, antique. Koller 18 September 2008

Veramin bag face, ca. 1900. Rippon Boswell 01 December 2007

Veramin, 1920. Rippon Boswell 29 September 2007

Veramin kilim, old. Galerie Koller 09 December 2004

Veramin, semi antique. Bukowskis 30 November 2004

19th century Varamin mafrash. A wonderful collectible piece., ARTS 2009 exhibitor Ron Hort

Pair of Veramin saddlebags from North Persia in perfect original condition.The size is 2.0"x3.11",great colors,rare design,circa 1890,original backing and soft handle., ARTS 2009 exhibitor Hagop Manoyan

Detail of Veramin areas fragment., ARTS 2009 exhibitor Owen Parry

Detail: Veramin rug, 51 x 89". A rare Veramin rug with a field design commonly found in torba formats with a stylized Avshan border., ARTS 2009 exhibitor Reyn Staffel

19th century Veramin kelley, Iran. Size 595 x 206 cm. Hans Homm Auction 25 May 2014

Veramin 1920 WoolleyandWallis

Veramin Oriental Rugs of Distinction