Exhibition at Persia Geneva 23 April – Persian Court Carpets


20.04.2004 Extract of media release from Persia Geneva: “Major Exhibition at Persia Geneva to open Friday 23 April 2004.. Entitled ‘A Revelation of Splendour – Persian Court Carpets from the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi’, the exhibition features the first-ever showing of some of the greatest masterpieces from the legendary private collection of Persia’s founder,…

The Ardabil Carpets


Exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Next to the Pazaryk carpet the most famous carpets in Oriental rug history are the Ardabil carpets. The Ardabil carpets are a pair of twins, weaved in Persia in the 16th. century. One of the carpets are exhibited in Victoria and Albert Museum in London and…

Reinhard Blanck and Stefan Dobadka Central Asia Collection – Kyrgyz and Uzbeks rugs and textiles


Rev. 29.04.2002 Napramatsch Reinhard Blanck and Stefan Dobadka, ArtDokuments, have been collectors of Kyrgyz and Uzbeks rugs and textiles the last 15 years. A major part of the collection are “Napramatsch”, tent bags with a knotted front. Reinhard Blanck and Stefan Dobadka now own more than 100 of them.   Napramatsch Napramatsch    Rug  …