Miniature carpets

by Ludwina Akbulut

It is not easy to write about myself, I am quite a ‘modest’ person but after request here we go...

My name is Ludwina Akbulut-Van Oosterwyck, I was born in Belgium.

-Textile Institute for Decorative Art ...Antwerp/Belgium 1983 - 1990
-Restoration and conservation of Pre-Industrial textiles...Ghent/Belgium 1990 -1992

Group exhibitions: 
-1989, 1990, 1991 Antwerp 
-1990, Brussels 
-1990, 8e International Biennale of Miniature Textiles, Szombathelyi Hungary. 

In 1993 I moved to Turkey after marrying a Turkish husband…

The piece I love most:  

Chinese dragon carpet size 1 7/8’’ x 5 3/8’’ - 4,7 cm x 13,5 cm

After living in Turkey for some years I wanted to weave again. My husband bought me a carpet loom. I knotted one normal carpet, but working weeks and weeks on the same piece and design was not interesting to me, my creative mind became inpatient. So we bought another loom: a small silk loom.
Balouch size: 1 ¾’’x 2 7/8’’ 4,5 cm x 7,5 cm
By making smaller size carpets, using traditional designs in a modern ‘setting’ for some years. I became skilled at ‘knotting’ carpets and I learned different ways to make edges and finishings.

I played with different materials and designs. 

Thanks to a discussion on the ‘Turkotek’ WS about ‘offset knots’ I freed myself of the strictness in technique and design, and a complete new world opened: the miniature world!

It is so fun to make miniature prayer Balouch, Caucasian, Turkmen or Turkish carpets!

Caucasian size: 6 1/8’’x 7 ¼’’ 14,7 cm x 19,5 cm

I do not like to copy a complete design; I just knot a miniature carpet giving the atmosphere of an existing style.

For every carpet I make a new design, I never make two the same. So all of them are unique pieces.

After playing around with wool on wool, I wanted to refine and tried some wool on cotton carpets. It gave me more possibilities and more knots in less space. 

Looking the work going in to those I was thinking of trying to work in silk, so again the carpets became finer. 

Turkish ‘Hereke’ inspired carpet
Size: 8 1/8’’x9 ¾’’ - 20,6cm x 24,5 cm
Most of my customers for the miniature carpets are collectors of dollhouse miniatures, and most of them prefer ‘Victorian’ styles. They asked for ‘classic’ style and light colors. I know this is not representative for the carpets used in Victorian times but well….the customer asks... 

A lot of these silk miniatures are just ‘fantasy’ but with time between the ‘commercial’ ones I like to make some miniatures of real existing styles and those are the pieces I love making most. There are so many different styles of carpets...So I think I can find inspiration for some more time!

Silk size: 3 7/8’’ x 5 7/8’’ - 9,8 cm x 15 cm

Ludwina Akbulut   -  November 6, 2003
Dekorativ Carpets and Kilims

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